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069: Our Youths' Mental Health w/ Tessa Stuckey

January 28, 2021 Season 2 Episode 69
Badass Moms Club
069: Our Youths' Mental Health w/ Tessa Stuckey
Show Notes

** Trigger Warning ** This episode discusses the topic of suicide.

Join me in this week's episode where my guest, Tessa Stuckey, shares her journey into motherhood, having 4 kids in less than 4 years, and what sparked her to write a book on our youth's mental health.

Tessa is a mom of 4 boys, a licensed therapist, author, wife and lives in Houston, Texas.

I am so grateful that Tessa shared her story and professional experience with us. Tessa opens the dialogue on the 6 cultural pressures affecting our youth today and how we, as parents, can help mitigate the effects of these. The 6 cultural pressures Tessa discusses are:

1. Suicide as a Glorified Option
2. Immediate Gratification
3. Lack of Personal Connections
4. Attention Seeking
5. Social Media
6. Pressure

This conversation is SO important as it's a reminder that we need to be thinking ahead and ensuring our current actions aren't going to negatively affect our children when they are older. It's also eye-opening to be reminded that suicide is a real aspect of our youths' lives but it is something that we can help prevent.

If you wish to connect with Tessa in regards to the episode or to chat about her book, please feel free to reach out to her through her social media or website:

Tessa's Book: For The Sake Of Our Youth
Instagram: themomtherapist
Facebook: Tessa Stuckey LPC

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